April 2019 | Saarbrücken | Germany

De Profundis Cyphers

A special project was launched following our Amiga demo entry at Revision party 2019.

This production was stuffed with cyphers deep inside the code and sometimes hidden in plain sight. We even released some clues on 500 postcards given at the event with an enigmatic broken QR code.

The goal ? Invite people to investigate further the story and making of this demo. It all finishes in the real world with a real answer. 24h after our official screening two groups seems to have broken all the codes we left and found our secret website and place...now they have to finish the quest for the final reveal.

More news later, maybe ? :D

April 2019 | Saarbrücken | Germany

Revision 2019

Happy Easter ! I am just back from Revision edition 2019 and i can tell you it was a fantastic year. Blessed with victories and inspired by what i saw and the people i met.

1st prize Old-school graphics with The Eye (Amiga OCS - 32 colors)
2nd prize Modern graphics with St George - Dark Heart
2nd prize Amiga Demo with De Profundis (Amiga OCS - 2 disks)
3rd prize Photo Composite with ネオ東京 2099


I released some live shots on my social medias, right here :
Tweets twitter.com/m4de 
Facebook facebook.com/made.art
nstagram instagram.com/made_artworks

November 23th 2018 | Paris | France

Black Friday

It's Black Friday ! Most of the shop prints and posters are -30% for one week. 

All items are signed editons, with authenticity certificates and delivered with complimentary card and stickers. International Tracked Shipping Included.


November 23th 2018 | Paris | France

The Lost Blueprint : Trilogy

This is it ! After a few years in the works to create, fix and expand the lost blueprints as a trilogy i can reveal them...If  you are interested in purchasing an exclusive print, here are the blueprints specs :

- Signed, Open edition
- Giclée print on Hahnemuehle A2 heavy art paper
- Authenticity certificate + a few rare goodies
- Shipped worldwide to make it before Xmas

Available now in the shop

November 23th 2018 | Paris | France

Pumpkin Selector released !

Long due release of the Pumpkin Selector painting, available now in the gallery for the pixel peepers and in the shop if you want a treat.

I posted the making-of this picture as a time lapse on YouTube, don't miss it !

April 2018 | Saarbrücken | Germany

Revision 2018

Happy Easter ! Loads of new art just released live at the Revision 2018 in Saarbrücken.

So much good things have been released this year at the Revision, it was mind blowing.

I presented a new painting in the modern picture competition, it's called Encounter N°5 and is available for purchase as a limited and signed print in the shop. This picture ranked 3rd place, it was an experiment in many ways, it was all about changing my confort zone, changing theme and tools. I used extensively Artrage to mix colors and give more texture to the image, Affinity Photo and Photoshop CC to finish the details. That was interesting, i learned a lot and will continue to work with Artrage.

The big hit was an Amiga 500 ECS demo called "The fall" i did with Deadliners and Lemon, we grabed the first prize! My contribution to this demo was thinking and following the whole concept, doing some palette works, creating 2 bit fonts and giant background, 3 full screen pictures and some sprite animations. A one year collective piece of work with Soundy, Dan, Oriens, Leonard, Rahow, Facet and Prowler. I released the pictures in the Amiga archives. Live comments where quite funny, all downloadables available on pouet.

One of those pictures won the first prize of the old school picture, the one in the thumbnail, called "The flow of time" yay ! You can see the whole oldschool graphic competition here.

I did release a photo composite too, it did not make it to the top 3 but it was fun to do.

I was lucky to meet again incredibly talented people from around the world and start some new projects, i'll give you more news on them as soon as we have something to show, should be for this summer ;)

Last, if you were not present and like loud electronic music, you should check the Revision 2018 live set from Logicoma, it was out of this world.

I released some live shots on my social medias, right here :
Tweets twitter.com/m4de 
Facebook facebook.com/made.art

Paris | January 15h, 2018

Happy 2018

I am humbled and thankful to work and live by my art and with the ones i love...

2017 has been an incredibly great year,

- I improved for the second year my dad skills !
- Worked on groundbreaking next-gen VR and AR projects
- Released the first prototype of my dear Saint George indie platformer game
- Re-learned how to code, for the Pico8 engin - huge thanks to Rez for mentoring me
- Settled a final concept for the Lost Blueprint project (due late 2018)
- Improved my UI and UX skills with various client projects
- Sold a record number of signed prints for this year Black Friday event
- Grabed a couple of rewards at the Revision party in Germany
- Launched 3 new picture projects
- Took part in another Amiga 500 ECS demo project (presented early 2018)
- Traveled around Europe for some incredible and inspiring photographic explorations

Last but to least, thank you for the continuous support and follow, that means a lot.
Here is a little celebration painting involving my AION cipher type project.

Good bye 2017, welcome 2018

November 24th, 2017

Black Friday

It's Black Friday ! The shop prints and posters are -30% for one week. 

All items are limited and signed editons, delivered with complimentary card and stickers. International Tracked Shipping Included.


November, 2017

Saint George is now live on Kickstarter !

We just launched Saint George on Kickstarter! Embark on a new breed of medieval-fantasy arcade plaformer and explore extensive worlds packed with loots, creatures and humongous boss.

Saint George is a new breed of fast paced medieval-fantasy platformer that takes it's DNA into authors childhood games and adds modern twists for todays explorers : up to 4K graphics, ultra fluid display engine and wide lands to explore with hundreds of creatures and unique world boss.

Please support and share ! Click the link below for more informations :


A demo is available right now and for free on Steam

June 2017 | Paris

Something big is coming

Something big is going to unroll in a few days, i have been workin hard for the past few months with the Wondercat developper and some other folks from the video game industry.

Keep an eye on my social channels: twitter , instagram or facebook

14-16 april 2017 | Saarbrücken | Germany

Revision 2017

Happy Easter ! Loads of new art just released live at the Revision 2017 in Saarbrücken.

Posted today a new painting called Continuum It was painted on photoshop and presented at the modern graphic compo (ranked 2nd !)

I released a composite photo, the piece is the second of a serie of glitched portraits, click here for a sneak peek. First portait of the serie was relsed here in 2014.

I did various features, logo and pictures for an Amiga 500 ECS production called "Blast from the past", this production was designed with the help of Facet / Lemon, Titan / Bomb, Dan / Anarchy, Soundy / DRD, Oriens / Shadocks, Virgill / Alcatraz and the mighty Dascon / Desire !

I worked a bit on a secret personal Pico 8 project, and helped design a logotype for the winning Cocoon PC DEMO release called Soul Splitter.

Party livestream 2017.revision-party.net/live
Tweets twitter.com/m4de 
Facebook facebook.com/made.art

August 30th, 2016

Strike Vector Ex PS4 release

Hey ! Today is the day, first official release of StrikeVector Ex for whom i did the logotype work a few month ago. Humbled to be part of this brilliant project, i wish the best to the team for their 2nd game release.

You can follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Steam !

Koln, Germany | August 12-14 2016


Releasing a new Amiga 500 (ECS / OCS) demo signed by Sanity, Dreamdealers and Bomb at the Evoke 2016 in Koln. This production was presented in the alternative platforms compo and won the first prize. 

Visuals by Made / Bomb
Music by Moby / Sanity
Bits by Pib / Dreamdealers

Demo and video available at Pouet demo archive
This production also features my Aion cypher typo project

April 20th may 2016

Scoopex releases Sibwing

Scoopex finally did a public release of "Sibwing" the prototype of popular Amiga CD32 title "Guardian". The intro features some old pixels of mine, enjoy !

The intro is visible here
Release news is here and here

October 20th, 2015

The Lost Blueprint

The poster project is launched ! A 2 year project, +400 work hours. You can get a sneak peek in the gallery

More informations to get it soon. If you want to stay up to date regarding future artworks release, poster sales and events, i suggest you subscribe to the Newsletter.

Paris, France | September 11th, 2015

WonderCat Adventures on STEAM !

Good news everyone ! On 11th september 2015 WonderCat adventures will be released on the Steam gaming plateform. PC + MAC version will be available.

Follow this link for more infos store.steampowered.com and share the news if you like the game <3

July 2015 | Paris, France

Japan Roads | Sneak Peek

I have been working for a few month on a side project, the continuation of the "Roads - Metro Edition" maps, the first was France and was released last year.

I am following that interesting project with Japan, twice the size and density of France. A new challenge ;)

You can see more previews here.

Paris, France | June 2015

WonderCat Adventures

Just released "WonderCat Adventures" for mobile ! (Former Cave Ride project). Here is the pitch :

WonderCat is a thrilling one finger runner-platformer with a twist of reflexion. Help the WonderCat come back home through 5 worlds, 50 levels and 5 giant bosses. Collect the glowing stones to unlock 5 secret levels and extra achievements.

The Wonder Cat needs your help to find his cat buddy and escape the strange mines where they crash-landed ! No trace of your UFO spaceship. You only have the robot pod that traveled with you to help. Beware the dangerous and unexplored path ahead. You’ll need all your stamina and quick reflex to ride through those 55 levels. Where is your cat buddy ? Where does the cave go ? Let’s find out and go back home. The adventure starts now !

Featuring stunning high definition visuals by renowned pixel artist “Made

Beautiful original musics composed by “Monomer

SFX designed by the legendary "ElMobo"

Full game, no in-app purchases and no ads.

Artworks and Concepts available in the gallery
Official Website : wondercat-adventures.com
You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Available now on for Apple iOSAndroidWindows Phones and Amazon Kindle

The game has been greenlite on Steam and is now planned for release on PC and Mac on September 2015 !

If you want to know more about that game, the team did an AMA on Reddit on June 2015

"WonderCat Adventures Review - Catforming Purrfection"
4.5 stars - Touch Arcade

"something special, something purrfect, and not from this world"
Indie Root

Client : Blizzard | Release date : May, 26th 2015

Ragnaros the firelord

Just released a new commission for the new Blizzard's Hearthstone Black Rock Mountain extension ! One big animated scene with Ragnaros the Firelord being challenged by many players. Motion design by Nael Brun , illustration and Art Direction by me. 

You can see the short animation here on Blizzard Facebook page and the full size picture and animation in the gallery.

19th march, 2015

Strike Vector EX - teaser

Releasing the logotype works i did for the incoming PS4 and XBOX ONE hit : Strike Vector EX
This was commissioned by Ragequit Corporation, a french indie game studio based in Paris. 

My complete logotype works are available in the commission gallery 

Check out the official teaser of Strike Vector EX now !

San Francisco | March 2-6th, 2015

GDC 2015 + MindMaze

A commission i did for the swiss company MindMaze was presented at the Game Developper Conference 2015 in San Francisco.

This experimental project was a unique blend of neuronal decoding and augmented reality, all packed in a game where you discover what's behind an actual poster with your tablet, lock viruses and shoot when you mind wants. The real-time tracking engine is ultra smooth and impressive. My commission works are available here.

The press talks about it : The VergeSlashGear / Daily Mail / GigaOMMaximum PC

Client : Blizzard | Release date : march 6th, 2014

Bisley & Diablo III

Blizzard just released two animations on whom i worked for Diablo's III universe. The animation and special effects works where done on images freshly painted by the legendar comic painter Bisley.

This work is finally cleared si i can share it with you. Here is the link to the  Blizzard official announce, available on Diablo's facebook page aswell.
And here a link to Bisley's interview about that project, he's happy with it, so am i !

That work on the Skeleton king and the Angel of death was done in collaboration with the talented Nael Brun

Enjoy !

March 2015

Commodore Amiga Book

I'm proud to announce that i'll be taking part in a short interview in the Commodore Amiga Book. This book celebrates the beauty of the Commodore Amiga. Full of pixel art, iconic box art and contributions from industry legends.

Each spread features a beautiful image and a select few words (these carefully considered comments vary from games facts, a mini review and even quotes from the original developer). Printed lithographically in magnificent quality with elegant design and layout.
Original artwork spanning the early days with games such as Marble Madness, moving chronologically through to the Amiga's later life featuring games such as Flashback, Super Cars, Turrican, Monkey Island, Cannon Fodder and more...

Extensive volume with 400+ pages. Project successfully kickstarted by Sam Dyer and edited by Commodore Format and Edge launch editor Steve Jarratt

Pre-Order available at Bitmap books or Funstock UK

Saarbrücken, Germany | April 3-6th, 2015

Going to Revision 2015 !

Going back to the Revision demoparty in Germany this year ! More infos soon about incoming releases.


Paris, France | January 25, 2015

Cave Ride

Starting the developpement of à casual plateformer for mobile plateforms (iOS + Android).

The project is called Cave Ride and will be (hopefully) available on Summer 2015. Expect research and previews very soon.

Paris, France | January 7th, 2014


In memory of the 12 people murdered at Charlie Hebdo today in Paris :

Moustapha Ourad
Hamed Merrabet
Bernard Maris
Michel Renaud
Franck Brinsolaro
Frédéric Boisseau
Elsa Cayat

For the Freedom of Press.

Image available here.

Paris, France | January 1st, 2014

Bonne Année | 謹賀新年 | Happy New Year

I wish you all an Happy New Year 2015.

May it be creative and passionate.

I designed this little card with Iloé.

December 29th, 2014

The Interview

I had the privilege to be interviewed by NoRecess.

This is the most extensive interview i ever done, from the former CPC years, through Amiga and PC scene, to nowadays works.

Available here

Paris, France | December 5-7th, 2014


Released our concept called Daedal at the Ludum Dare #31 game jam.

The subject : Entire game on One Screen.

Credits :
Geranium235 : Code
Made : Graphics & Concept
Iloé : Graphics
Benjamin Bouvrot :  SFX

Test and Votes available here

Paris, France | December 5-7th, 2014

Ludum Dare #31

This weekend is Ludum Dare #31 ! I'll be pixeling and concepting with the crew in Paris.

Live tweet and previews will be posted here
Twitter Hashtag #LD48

Oh, and the unofficial soundtrack here ;)

November 28th, 2014

Black Friday

It's Black Friday ! The shop prints and posters are -30% for one week.

All items are limited and signed editons, delivered with complimentary card and stickers. International Tracked Shipping Included.


CRI, Paris, France | November 9th, 2014


Just released an alpha version of Crystallographe at the Gamelier event in Paris.

CRI, Paris, France | November 8th + 9th, 2014


I'll be pixeling at the next "Gamelier" game jam in Paris, on november 8th and 9th. The theme is "The core of matter".

Infos :

MeetUp :

Event Twitter @Gamelier
Live Twitting @m4de

Paris, France | October 31th, 2014

This is Halloween !

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, while I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, as of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.

`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered,
`tapping at my chamber door
Only this, and nothing more.'

- Edgar Allan Poe

Painted a quicky for Halloween 2014, A3 sized, final version and video to be released soon !

Bandcamp | October 15th, 2014

Moby Amiga Days

Just released a cover artwork for Moby new album "Amiga Days". It's a compilation of all his famous Amiga songs, freshly remasterised and free for download !


Full cover picture available here
Making-of video available on YouTube

Paris, France | October 10-11th, 2014

Demo JS - Edition 2014

Going and performing at DemoJS live event in Bastille, Paris (France) from 10 to 11th october.

Live coding, designing, pixeling in Paris.
BE THERE ! demojs.org

UPDATE : Released a live DEMOJS logo there (available here) and presented a JS parallax scroller with Roukmout that won 4th place !

Paris, France | September 4th, 2014

France Routes | A1 limited poster

Just received the poster of France Routes Metro Edition, freshly printed in Germany, the quality is awesome ! This poster is a limited edition of 50 signed and numeroted A1 posters (594x841 mm | 23.4x33.1 in).

France Routes is already available for viewing in the galeries and to buy in the shop.

Paris, France | August 25th, 2014


Elementa is a meditative RTS game concept designed for the Ludum Dare 30 global event. The subject was "Connected Worlds".

The game jam took place for 2 days in Paris near Gare de Lyon with the awesome Ludum Dare Paris organisators. 

Code : Bloutiouf
Graphics : Made + Iloé
Prod. Manager : Emma Perdriolat
Music : Guillaume Defradat
Game Design : The Team

We used Unity / Pro logic / Photoshop.

Graphics + Concept

Our Ludum Dare game page

In-Game demo (Video)

Logo Making-of (Video)

Olten, Switzerland | August 22-24th, 2014

Demodays > Deadliners > 68000 reasons

Deadliners, a brand new group which i'm part of presented his first web demo at the Demodays event in Switzerland. This project name is 68000 Reasons, a direct hommage to the Motorola 68000 microprocessor that equipped the Amiga computers in the nineties.

Deadliners is the meeting of NGC, Desire and Bomb, yes, the oldschool Amiga groups.

UPDATE : This demo won 1st Grand Jury Prize and 1st Real Time Prize, congrats to the team ! 

Deadliners Official

68000 reasons HD Video

Demodays website

Paris, France | August 22-24th, 2014

Ludum Dare #30

Live game jaming in Paris at the 30th Ludum Dare international event.

LD Official Page :

Ludum Dare Paris :

Twitter Hashtag #LD48

August 1st, 2014

Website reboot !

New website launched, thanks to the help of Jonathan Giroux for the code and updates. This portfolio is fully responsive and optimised to work with smartphones, tablets and huge desktop screens. I wanted this place to be minimal, simple and bold.

New content updates of old and new works will flow. Starting 1st September 2014.

June 10th, 2014

CFSL Artbook 08 : 142% Crowdfunded !

It's been 8 years since we first published our annual artbook for the CFSL online community. This book is a great collection of illustration from the best french-speaking artists in the world. Each illustrator will share a selection of picture that we put together in the artbook, and then release it in a thick 300 pages volume.

We used to be supported by a publishing company but this year, they decided to stop publishing artbooks. We believe in this book, it's been around for so long it's become a true reference and a useful tool for every artist, agency, AD and all the people who just love pictures. It's also very useful for the artists featured as they can get exposure, contacts and all of that's for free ! For everyone who submitted and did not get in, it's alo a powerful incentive to get better and work hard for a year, waiting for the next call to entry.

We want to publish this book for its eighth volume, for us, for the artists and for you. We would also prove a point : it's not because something doesn't get vasts amount of money that it's not worth doing at all. It's the quality, the wonderful talent and the inspiration that are meaningful.

This project has been successfully crowdfunded via Ulule on June 10th 2014, with a whopping 142% of pledge. Thanks to everyone who participated and supported this project in any way. The artbook is due for the fall 2014.


Paris, France | April 26th, 2014

Adobe #CreateNow

I'll be at Adobe #CreateNow event a la Gaîté Lyrique de Paris on June 26th, 2014.


Paris, France | April 25th, 2014

Ludum Dare #29 : WIN !

Present at the worldclass game jam Ludum Dare #29, this session theme was "Beneath the surface"

We released De Profundis and worked in Paris with the LudumDare Paris crew. Our team was composed of :

Benjamin Lévi (Code)
Nicolas Hognon (Code)
Made (GFX)
Iloé (GFX)

The pitch :

Dive aboard a yellow submarine and explore the creepy underworld that lies beneath the surface. But beware not to ruffle the antique creatures living down there… Use the arrow keys to avoid troubled waters and the space bar to repel the monsters but look out! It doesn’t work on ancient monsters hidden in the ocean’s guts.

Download our game :

In-game footage :

Official worldwide LudumDare site :

LudumDare Paris organisers :

Saarbrücken, Germany | April 18-21th, 2014

Revision 2014

Revision 2014 was a blast ! Tons of good vibes and as always major releases of the year.

For the first time ever i presented a C64 picture, that got me the third place.
I had the honnor to get the 1st place for modern graphic compos (picture: Animal Reign 3) and got a 2nd prize for the photography competition (photo: Glitch Portrait 01).


My photographic entry is here

Paris, France | December 16th, 2013

Ludum Dare #28

Just released Bacteria for the Ludum Dare #28 global game jam. The theme was : "You get only one"

All padcked in 2 day with :
Roukmout - Code
Iloe - Sprites and Animations
Thorn - Sprites and Animations
Nael - Logo Animation
Me - Logo, Sprites and Animations

You can test your skills here :

Artworks and gameplay video here

November 7th, 2013

1977g - day 365

That was fast ! 1977g has 1 years today.

265 days of steady and daily updates on my moodboard / inspiration project. I received a ton of sweet messages and sharings on Tumblr, thank you so much for the support and love.


Troia, Portugal | September 18-21, 2013

THU 2013

First Trojan Horse was a  Unicorn VFX-GAME-ANIMATION festival ! Going as art director to represent CFSL INK at this event where our artbooks are sold !

Loads of VFX / GAME industry gurus are coming from all around the globe to speak about their tools, workflows, companies and experiences.


UPDATE : DID IT ! One of the best festival ever, very high quality and above all, inspiring. Attendees of the 2013 event have their pioneer page right here <3

Saarbrücken, Germany | Mars 29th-April 1st, 2013

Revision 2013

Revision Demoparty is NOW ! More than 500 sceners, 3 days and nights and tons of amazing & creative minds. Releasing a new picture there.

UPDATE : Won 2nd prize in Modern Picture (Image : Progress) and 4th in Photography (Image : Autumn Particles) competitions

Official Results Here

November 22th, 2012

CFSL Workshop 2012

Organising the third edition of the Café Salé community Workshop in Paris. More than 200 visitors and a dozen of very talented professors for 3 full days of master classes, drawing classes, happenings and portfolio reviews.

Workshop video teaser

November 7th, 2012

1977g - day 1

Today is the first day of my moodboard project: 1977g. This is an archive of all my major inspirations, current and past.

My hope is to share what helped me, what opened new paths, new questions and new answers. As a lot of creative, i've been gathering references, infos, inspiration, notes all my life, and this little place is a glimpse of what's going in my everyday life.

One adress, daily updated :

Longue Vie !

Saarbrücken, Germany | April 6-9th, 2012

Revision 2012

Going to Revision Demoparty this year, more than 500 sceners, 3 days and nights and tons of creative people. Releasing a new picture there.

UPDATE : Won 2nd prize in Modern Picture (Image : Cadae) and Photography (Image : Golden Lion Tamarin) competitions, yeah !

Official Results Here

November 2011

Tchernobyl 25 ans après

Worked on the global design, cartography and iconography of my incoming photography book "Tchernobyl 25 ans après".

192 pages of photography released on a trip in 2010 with Iloé, my wife in the forbidden zone of Tchernobyl, this book shows how is this forgotten part of the world 25 years after one of the worst nuclear accident of the history.

ISBN 978-2-35947-029-1

You can get a copy at CFSL INK

Complet photo collection here

Book design here

And the book video teaser on Vimeo

France | October 01, 2011

CFSL Workshop 2011

Organizing the third edition of CFSL's art workshops. The event is taking place on October 7,8 and 9th in the center of Paris.

More than 200 artists,students and press visitors are attenting to the 3 non stop days of pure learning and sharing.
Be there ! Informations and Reservation : www.cfsl-workshop.com

Workshop Video Teaser

July 5th, 2011

Magnitude 9

Magnitude 9 artbook is going to be available in advance at the Japan Expo 2011 ! Ask for it at the Ankama Shop, i'll be around to make some signings if you shoot me a little mail.

More informations on that Japan relief project are available on Tsunamis blog : tsunami.cfsl.net

Link to the book

July 2nd, 2011

Comicon 2011

I'll be filming at the Comicon french event on july 2th with Aleksi Briclot and Benjamin Carré on a special live painting performance.

More infos : www.comic-con-france.com

Paris, France | June 2011

Alice In Wonderland Exposition

I'll be exposing in June and July a new picture i did for the Alice in Wonderland exposition held in Paris at the Escargot Bar.


Saarbrücken, Germany | April 22-25th, 2011

Revision 2011

Going to the Revision 2011 event held in Saarbrücken, Germany from 22 to 25th april. There will be more tha 500 people attending,
4 days of live creation, competitions and gigs with the cream of European demo-sceners. I'll be doing a contribution to this year CG and Photography contest.

UPDATE : Pictures of the party HERE

Arles, France | October 1-3rd, 2010

Main Demoparty

I'll be attending at the Main event the 1,2 and 3th of october 2011 in Arles in the south of France. I'll be entering the compo with a new picture and a photography.

More infos are available on the event website

June 2010

Lyon BD Festival 5

I'll be signing CFSL Artbooks at 5th edition of Lyon BD Festival the 19 and 20th of June.


Paris, France | April-June 2010

Wasteland Exposition

Exposing some of my photographies of my trip in Japan's island of Gunkanjima. This exposition called "Wasteland" will take place from April 30th to June 27th 2010 at the Escargo Bar in Paris. Don't miss this set of 35 artistic pictures of abandonned places around the world.

I'll be at grand opening is the 7th may. Escargot Bar, 50 rue de la Villette, Paris 19e.

Gunkanjima serie available here

May 12th, 2010

CFSL Artbook 04

Published by CFSL INK the new best selling paper monster presenting today's best french illustrators. The CFSL ARTBOOK 04 is out and feature 304 pages with 573 artworks created by 190 artists both digital and classic. The artbook is available online on FNAC, VIRGIN and AMAZON shops, you can also check it out at your usual local comic books store. Samples available for viewing purpose on CFSL.NET portal. You can buy it at CFSL INK, Ankama Edition or Amazon.Fr

ISBN-10: 2359470086
ISBN-13: 978-2359470086

November 2009

Shuffle #2 | Les filles

Worked of the design of the second edition of Shuffle that is coming on November 2009. Soon to be released by CFSL INK publishing. This issue is all about girls and feature artworks of : Biboun, Ciia, Clo, Crowley, Cuca, EO, Feloz, Gérald Parel, Grelin, Hubert de Lartigue, Joslin, Julie Nivert, Kness, Kuru, Maya Mihindou, Mc Bess, Morja, Muscarine, Nephyla, Pop, Rodguen, Samaritain, Stab, Stéphane Tartelin, Thorn, Véronique Meignaud, Vincent Lévêque and Yannick Corboz !

ISBN : 978-2-35947-002-4
Available at CFSL INK

Paris, France | Oct.- Nov. 2009

Dreams and Nightmares Exposition

Presenting a new piece at the annual CFSL.NET exposition, this year theme is "Dreams and Nightmares" and is hosted by Les Furieux in Paris. Original artwork size is A3+ sized, printed on ILFORD Galery paper.

Image "The Uninvited" is available in the gallery and shop

Paris, France | October 15th, 2009

Intel - Geek So In

Tonight i am presenting CFSL.NET and CFSL Ink published artbooks with Kness at Intel's "Geel So In" night in Paris. Starring exposed artworks of Anthony Wolff, Emmanuel Malin, Geoffroy Thoorens, Aleksi Briclot and Nicolab.

July 2009

CFSL Artbook 03

Edited with the CFSL team the new best selling paper monster presenting today's best french illustrators. The CFSL ARTBOOK 03 is out and feature 304 pages with 573 artworks created by 190 artists both digital and classic. Big thanks to CLO and REMI-F for their brilliant contribution on the cover. The artbook is available online on FNAC, VIRGIN and AMAZON shops, you can also check it out at your usual local comic books store. Samples available for viewing purpose on CFSL.NET portal. You can buy it at CFSL INK, Ankama Shop or Amazon.Fr

ISBN-10: 2916739726
ISBN-13: 978-2916739724

Parka photo review here

July 2009

Shuffle #2 | Speed Painting

Worked of the design of the first edition of Shuffle that is availble now ! Featuring a bunch of french speed-painting superstars : Anthony Wolff, Aron, Fred Augis, Gary, Geoffroy Thoorens, Gillus Rex, Mathias Verhasselt, Moket, Olgenki, Orkimede, Paul Chadeisson, Pierre-Etienne Travers, Sephy, Yohann Schepacz and Yuk. This is the first artbook published by CFSL Ink.

ISBN-10: 2359470000
ISBN-13: 978-2359470000

Shuffle #1 at CFSL INK

Paris, France | July 2-5th, 2009

Japan Expo 2009 signings

This Year's JAPAN EXPO, the biggest japanese sub-culture event in Europe will be held 2nd - 5th July at Paris, France.

I'll be signing CFSL Artbook 03 with loads of talented illustrators and painters of the french CFSL.NET community during 4 entire days. Don't miss this great event !

Paris, France | June 27-28th, 2009

Ankama Convention #4

I'll be signing Artbooks with the CFSL.NET artists at the 4th Ankama Convention the 27 and 28th june. Can't wait !

Tokyo, Japan | May-June 2009

Ankama Studios Tokyo

I'm off working at Ankama Studios of Tokyo, Japan.

I'll be designing concept arts and matte paintings with a very talented team for an anime pre-production. Stay Tuned.

Paris, France | March 1st, 2009

CFSL Ink is born

Founded CFSL Ink with Kness. We are a small and independent publishing company working with artists of the CFSL.NET community. Our aim is to publish top quality Digital Artbooks and Comics.

We'll be releasing Shuffle (small thematised artbooks) and BlackFrogs comics later this year (July and November) and other cool books next year.

CFSL Ink is based in Paris.


Tokyo, Japan | August 8-14th, 2008

Gurato "H" exposition

Taking place to Gurato's new exposition at Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo, Japan from 8th to 14th august 2008. The event's theme is "H" (for Hentaï).

My piece is called "Garden of Love" and up in the pictures gallery.

July 2008

Published in Flight #5

Flight volume 5 is due on 22th of July 2008. The book is published by Random House on trade paperback and tops 21 fictions over 368 pages. All illustrated by almost 50 worldwide artists: Chris Appelhans, Bannister, Kean Soo, Sonny Liew, Ryan North, Sarah Mensiga, Reagan Lodge, and much much more...

I contributed with Kness on the graphic novel called Voyage, a story about ecology and hope, without text. You can take a look at Voyage on the pictures gallery. Special greetings goes to Kazu Kibuishi for keeping up this amazing project.

ISBN-10: 0-345-50589-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-345-50589-7

Flight comics

Newsarama review (English)

Order it on Amazon.com

Publishers catalog

France | July 3-6th, 2008

Japan Expo 2008 + CFSL

Official launching of the CFSL ARTBOOK 02 at the Japan Expo 2008 held the 3th to the 6th of July in the Parc des Expositions (Villepinte / Paris). 4 days of speed paintings, happenings, signatures and tutorials served by more than 60 artists. Be there!

Japan Expo 2008

CFSL Creative Community

July 3th, 2008

CFSL Artbook 02

Edited with the CFSL team the new best selling paper monster presenting today's best french illustrators. The CFSL ARTBOOK 02 is due on 3th of july 2008 worldwide, featuring 304 pages with 510 artworks created by 186 artists both digital and classic). Big thanks to SEPHY and A DZONE for their brilliant art on the cover. The artbook is available online on FNAC, VIRGIN and AMAZON shops, you can also check it out at your usual local comic books store. Samples available for viewing purpose on CFSL.NET portal.
ISBN-10: 2916739416  /  ISBN-13: 978-2916739410

CFSL Creative Community

Ankama Publishing


France | July 28-29th, 2008

Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2008

Molten Core fan-art picture at Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2008 held in Paris the 28 and 29 july 2008 (Porte de Versailles). Thanks to the European Blizzard staff for this opportunity!
BWWI 2008 event portal

CFSL still shots

France | June 9-14th, 2008

Annecy Film Festival

Invited with Kness by the BD FUGUE comic book store to do signatures on the CFSL ARTBOOK 01 at the center of Annecy Film Festival 2008 event! TONS of signatures, lot of great moments with autors and visitors, awesome festival! Extra thanks to the BD FUGUE staff for their care, I'll be back next year.
Annecy Film Festival

BD Fugue Annecy

Switzerland | May 22-25th, 2008

Sismics Festival 08

CFSL ARTBOOK 01 autographs and artistic performances at "Sismics Festival 08" held in Sierre / Switzerland.
Huge exposition place and great gigs for 4 days long!
Event website

November 2007

MTV Fan Attack released !

Fan Attack released on Nintendo DS, worked on the graphics / UI-UX elements for LeCaillou / Mindscape.


November 2007

Shuffle Zero

Shuffle Zero designed and released ! 56 pages of digital pictures designed by CFSL.NET artists. Issue number one due on summer 2009 with more than 100 pages.

Available here

September 2007

Allo Zombie

Allo Zombie, a zombie movie flick is out ! Directed by Nicolas Petrimaux. I helped with photography, still shots available in my photography portfolio.


YouTube PART1
YouTube PART2

September 2007

CFSL.NET Artbook 01

CFSL.NET ARTBOOK 01 finaly released !

Designed with Ankama editions and the CFSL.NET team, 256 pages full of digital artworks done by thousands artists. A must have if your interested in art. Available for purchase on Amazon and Fnac. ISBN: 3978-2-916739-07-6.


June 2006

Molten Core on Blizzard

Apperance on the european portal of Blizzard's World of Warcraft with my Molten Core tribute !

Blizzard Europe portal


October 2005

Illustration Now !

Apperance on Illustration now ! ISBN: 3-8228-4033-5.

A 544 pages showcase with 150 commercial and editorial illustrators.


February 2005

Cold Fear release

Project: ColdFear (XBOX - PC - PS2) - Client: DarkWorks / Ubi software.
First screenshots & press reviews of the incoming DarkWork's survival horror game called ColdFear. Game available worldwide in March 2005. I mainly worked on concept designs for this game, available for viewing in the commission gallery.

Official website

February 2005

Iznogoud mobile game

Client: Exkee / Licenced by Index Europe
Firsts adverts on the incoming IZNOGOUD mobile game and movie. Artworks and in-game screenshots of the game are available in the commission gallery or on Bouygue's i-mode portal.


Tokyo, Japan | February 2005

MogiMogi (NTT Docomo)

Project: MogiMogi ID and Character design
Client: NewT games / Mobivillage / NTT Docomo 
MogiMogi is coming to Europe. First countries for the beta are Spain (Telefonica) and France (SFR). The game is presented at the 3GSM World Congress held in Cannes / France in February 2005. BigMog fluff courtesy of NewT games.

Commission samples available and on MogiMogi's portal

Russia | January 2005

Xakep magazine (Russia)

Review and small Gallery available in the 73th issue of Xakep magazine.

(thanks to Alex Kolpakov). 

Japan | July 2004

Famitsu Japan / ファミ通

Project: Dabadie's gameLife logo & character - Client: Famitsu / Softbank publishing japan.
Publishing of my GameLife logo and Dabadie's Character for Famitsu magazine.


March 2004

Gangland released

Gangland is out! Commercials are spreading around the gaming portals and stores.

I have been commissioned on the packaging illustration, a nice collaborative work with Nox. Image and researches availables for viewing in the commission gallery.

Official Website

July 2003

Published in Exposé vol.1

The ballistic publishing artbook Exposé vol.1 is out! Naughty ASH is shown on page 51.


Soft Cover ISBN: 0-9750965-2-4
Hard Cover ISBN: 0-9750965-1-6
Limited Edition ISBN: 0-9750965-0-8

Japan | February 22th, 2002

JSRF | ジェットセットラジオフューチャー

Designed a street art for Jet Set Radio Future a video game developed by Smilebit and the sequel to Jet Set Radio. It was published by Sega and released on February 22, 2002 in Japan.

Take your skate and spray the city to unlock this one !

Xbox Longplay

Made Artworks

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